Parmalee completes a ‘trilogy’ with the release of ‘For You 2’

‘For You 2’ is available now
Photo credit Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Parmalee isn’t done with the magic brought from their studio album, For You. The group is taking the project to new heights with the release of For You 2, a collection featuring 5 new tracks in addition to the 13 original, available now.

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“We wanted to expand the For You album because we had written ‘Girl In Mine’ after the album came out and ‘Girl In Mine’ is kind of a trilogy with ‘Just The Way’ and ‘Take My Name,’” said frontman Matt Thomas. “We picked our four favorite songs to go along with ‘Girl In Mine’ to make For You 2.“

Thomas’ songwriting credits expand into this project as he remains a songwriter on every single track on the record including the chart-climbing single, “Girl In Mine.”

“I think it’s important to have somebody in the band as a songwriter because we all know what a Parmalee song is when we hear it — when a song is pitched or we’re in the room writing with some body,” said Thomas. “It’s a very specific thing we do, our sound and it’s great to have somebody that’s on the team, in the room when you write the songs.”

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With a handful of already successful songs included on the album, there’s clearly more magic to share as majority of the band calls new track, “Gonna Love You,” their “personal favorite.”

“We wanted to do a global song and when you talk about all things global — love is the language,” Thomas told Audacy’s Coop. “No matter what language you’re singing in, you can sing that line, ‘I’m gonna love you.’”

“We were just toy-ing around with me singing versus in a higher range, which really fits my voice well,” Thomas continued, explain the creative process behind the track.

“We got to talkin’ about how this is the one person that’s your ride-or-die, that you’d do anything for unconditionally, so we went down that lane. We worked on it a few times until we finally got it right.”

Hear the “Gonna Love You” masterpiece for yourself, plus three other brand new songs, “Girl in Mine,” and all the For You originals by checking out Parmalee’s new project, For You 2, available now. Plus, hear more about the creative process, stories behind the songs and their current and upcoming tours by tuning in to Coop’s full conversation with the guys above.

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