It took Lily James an hour to add her Pamela Anderson prosthetic breasts for 'Pam and Tommy'

Everything is bigger. Let's just leave it at that
Lily James
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For those who saw their little home movie, simple acting would not suffice when it came to telling the full story of model and screen star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee's foray into adult film.

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Everything is bigger. Let's just leave it at that. So, for actors Lily James and Sebastian Stan, who play Anderson and Lee respectively in the Hulu docuseries Pam & Tommy now streaming, some additional layers were needed to add realism. Aside from a multitude of false tattoos, piercings, and lots of blonde hair-dye -- prosthetics (artificial body parts) were brought in as well for both actors.

The set's makeup artist, Barry Lee Moe, tells GQ that the crew's ultimate goal was "believability and realism," and that's just what viewers should expect. Makeup department head David Williams spoke of the "incredible work" done with James' hair, "to be able to set it back a little further using a prosthetic, which gave us a little bit more space on the forehead, as Lily has a little bit less forehead than Pam does." Stan's hair was also a major focus, as he would "typically spend 3 hours in the hair and makeup chair and 30 to 45 minutes was spent prepping his hair with product and then styling," says Moe.

But you're not here for the hair. Lily, "sat in the hair and makeup chair for 4 hours each day," says Moe. "An hour of that time was spent prepping her hair and then applying her custom lace front wig.” The rest, apparently, was spent on installing James' prosthetic breasts and makeup. "On those rare occasions when we didn't need the prosthetic breast piece, we could cut about an hour off Lily's makeup time,” Williams added.

Sebastian's "Stan" was also given quite a bit of attention; Special effects artist Jason Collins was tasked with bringing to life Tommy Lee's conversation with his own penis, taken from Lee’s 2004 memoir, Tommyland. “It was made from silicone and involved lifecasting Sebastian so that we could then sculpt the appropriate size and blend points. Once we were done sculpting, another mould was made and we cast it from a plasticized silicone. The silicone is medical grade and gives the appendage a life-like fleshy quality,” Collins explained, graphically. He and Stan quickly became "personal friends" during this process he admits, describing the ins and outs of applying the Mötley prosthetic. As for the aforementioned penis-conversation, Collins says the crew's two puppeteers provided the left, right, up, and down movements, while also puppeteering the urethra.

Honestly, how are you not watching this series right now?

The first three episodes of Pam & Tommy premiered today, Wednesday, February 2, on Hulu. The show, which deems the former couple's sex tape scandal as "the greatest love story ever sold," chronicles Anderson and Lee’s wild misadventures and torrid romance, while Rand Gauthier (played by Seth Rogen) and Uncle Miltie (played by Nick Offerman) figure out what to do with the sex tape they just got their hands on.

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