Vanna White reflects on 41 years of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with Pat Sajak

Vanna White, Pat Sajak
Photo credit David Livingston/Getty Images

Vanna White is looking back fondly on her four decades of working with Pat Sajak on “Wheel of Fortune.”

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 41 years,” White told “Good Morning America” recently. “I think of Pat as family and always will.”

"We called ourselves Ken and Barbie," she said. "I mean, we’re not quite that today. But Ken and Barbie go together and always have. Peanut butter and jelly go together. Pat and Vanna go together."

“Wheel of Fortune”’s 41st season will be Sajak’s last, he announced in June of 2023. He’s hosted the show since 1981, and with White since 1982.

Ryan Seacrest was announced as Sajak’s replacement.

White revealed after Sajak announced his departure she wasn’t sure she’d stay on.

“Of course it’s a thought. It’s like, ‘Well, wait, if you’re leaving, what am I going to do? How can I stay without you?’” White told PEOPLE. “It was a very hard decision for me to make, because it definitely crossed my mind. It’s like, ‘I just don’t know if I can do this without you,’ but I thought about it and I’m not ready to retire, so I am staying on.”

White will be staying with the show through the 2025-2026, as her contract was extended.

Featured Image Photo Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images