Michael Irvin: Next hire needs to get Miami back to winning football games

Hurricanes legend joined the Hochman and Crowder Show
Former Miami Hurricanes WR Michael Irvin
Former Miami Hurricanes WR Michael Irvin Photo credit © Kirby Lee | 2020 Feb 2

“It’s about wins.”

It’s really that simple and Canes legend Michael Irvin knows it. He was a friend of former UM Athletic Director Blake James, and was “disappointed” when the school parted ways with him earlier this week.

“I love Blake, but he understands it’s about the wins.”

As for the next hire, both Athletic Director and eventually Head Football Coach, Irvin told the Hochman and Crowder Show he doesn’t care if it’s someone who is familiar with the UM traditions.

“I don’t care if it’s somebody that’s been here before or somebody that’s not been before or somebody that God just dropped out of the damned sky. I don’t care. We just gotta find that person.”

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