Celebrities Take To Social Media With Free Concerts

social media concerts

With most concert dates being rescheduled over the past few weeks and most of us either on self-quarantine or working from home, lots of celebrities have taken to social media to entertain the masses in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Artists like John Legend, Common, Miguel, and Anthony Hamilton just to name a few, have treated their fans to impromptu concerts on Instagram and Twitter.  Rapper/producer/DJ Derrick 'D-Nice' Jones (you may remember his early 90's hit, "Call Me D-Nice" ) has come out head and shoulders above the rest with his 'Homeschool Dance Parties' over the weekend with every big name in the business partying with him.  Sunday's dance party drew the likes of Erykah Badu, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart, Drake, Diddy, Ellen Degeneres (just to name a few) joining in to watch and party.  At one point, he had over 100,000 viewers!  Way to lift our spirits!  Keep it going!


Anthony Hamilton: