Bebe Rexha shares tools she uses to maintain her mental health and more

'I think staying active is really important'
Bebe Rexha
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During a recent chat with Audacy’s Julia, Bebe Rexha opened up about mental health, shared some tools she uses to help maintain it, and a particular experience that she faced and overcame.

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“I think staying active is really important, it doesn’t have to be a crazy workout with a trainer or going to the gym, it could literally just be a walk,” Bebe said about one of the tools she finds useful. “I feel like walking has helped me so much.” And while she did admit it's not her favorite thing to do, she often times will “call a friend or whatever and go on FaceTime and like have my headphones in and go for a walk, I feel like that’s really helpful.”

Other tools Bebe uses includes “talking to friends and journaling.” Explaining, “I know journaling a lot of people like judge it but getting your thoughts out of your head… you’re able to look at the thought and y’know make it smaller than it is, because when it’s in your head it seems like its so much bigger.”

Reiterating her most useful tools, Bebe said, “so I think just walking, journaling and talking to somebody that you really trust.”

WATCH NOW: Bebe Rexha shares tools to maintain mental health


Then recalling a specific experience she overcame and how, Bebe shared, “I think my first time that I was in a super deep depression I was probably 23-24, I got dropped from my first record label. And that was like a really big deal for me because I was really excited to be signed. And then when I got dropped from my first deal I felt super lonely, and felt kinda like, y’know, I was a loser, like ‘maybe I just suck.’”

Noting this all occurred “prior to any songs I had written for other artists or songs that I had that were successful,” Bebe went on to say, “that was really tough for me, but my dad helped me get through that, he was a really big part of me getting better. Because he would make me get up and get out the house even though it was freezing outside and make me go on a three-mile walk with him.” Which, if you’ve been paying attention, utilizes two of the tools Bebe mentioned above: “Walking,” and “talking to somebody that you really trust.”

Mentioning she previously heard the singer say she’s, “learned to love things outside of [her] career space.” Julia asked Bebe, “what is keeping you happy right now?”

“My dog, cooking -- cooking is like my favorite thing to do -- even though I’m impatient," Bebe says, also detailing a delicious meal she recently made.

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