Dog Owners Paying 300% More For Organic, Vegan Dog Food New Study Finds

dog eating

(WWJ) Simple kibble appears to be passé as more and more dog owners are opting to feed Fido much fancier fare. 

That's according to a new study, which found that pet owners are willing to pay as much as 300% more for organic and/or vegan dog food. 

A new analysis of over 1,300 dry dog foods by Woof Whiskers reveals a stark difference in pricing and marketing strategies as competition in the dog food industry heats up. While the average price per pound of dog food is $2.19 in 2019, major manufacturers Iams and Purina target the bottom of the market with product lines averaging prices per pound of $1.23 and $1.13 respectively.

Some of the most expensive dog food companies were found to be brands that have product lines targeting specific diets some dog owners desire. These companies include Castor & Pollux, which has a certified organic line of dog food, and Halo, which promotes non-GMO vegetables and vegan dog food.

When compared to the cheapest dog foods in the study, these alternative formulas were as much as 300% more expensive when looking at price per pound. Compared to the average price of dog food, these brands are charging 50-79% higher prices.

These findings indicate that as Americans spend more than $30 billion on pet food annually, some are willing to shell out for diets that match their own without clear evidence of it being beneficial for their dogs.

The study also found that 44% of dog foods contained chicken as the first ingredient; which was almost four times as much as the next-closest: lamb.

Woof Whiskers is a dog food review and analysis website that helps dog owners make informed decisions on feeding their pets.

View the full report HERE.