Winner Revealed: Golden Corridor Ring In Sterling Heights Gets A Name

golden ring official photo
Photo credit (Photo: City of Sterling Heights)

STERLING HEIGHTS (WWJ) - That big golden ring in Sterling Heights now has a name.

"The Halo" was chosen by the public as the official name for the Golden Corridor icon located on M-59.

Bridget Kozlowski, spokeswoman for the city of Sterling Heights, said they received 6,070 individual submissions for the name; and with three options a piece, more than 18,000 different ideas came through. 

"We saw The Halo a lot amongst the submissions so we chose it as one of the top five and we put that open to the public this week for a vote," Kozlowski said live on WWJ. "With 947 votes by the public, it was the top name."

The second place choice for the name was "The Standing O" with 795 votes and third place was "Sungate" at 791 votes. 

Kozlowski said Sterling Heights resident Connie Truszkowski is credited with being the first person to suggest "The Halo."

"She gets a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards to businesses along Hall Road," she said. "Andiamo, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, Chipotle, Cabella's, Dick's Sporting Goods, a few others."

Some sillier names that weren't chosen as finalists, the city said, include Bob, Steve, Oprah’s Bat Signal, My Precious, Ringy McRingface, 2008 Detroit Lions Wins Memorial, O Hall Yeah, Hall Road Hulahoop, One Ring to Rule the Hall and The Golden Cheero. 

There's been a lot of talk about the 35-foot structure since it appeared in the M-59/Hall Road median in January -- part of a $1.8 million landscape project branding the stretch the "Golden Corridor." While some residents have complained about the price tag (around $339,350 total for the ring and signs), lighthearted jabs have been the norm, with jokes referencing Lord of the Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog and Stargate.