The Great Debate: Wipers Up Or Down In The Snow?

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Photo credit Brooke Allen/ WWJ Photo

(WWJ) The trend started a few years ago, and spread like a photo of a hottie on Instagram: Wipers in the air like you just don't care.

We're talking about the thing where people push their windshield wipers in the air during ice and snowstorms.

Do you do it? If so, why? It's a fairly divisive topic with some experts claiming it could cause busted wipers and shattered windshields and others claiming it's the smart way to go.

Car One's website claims it helps wipers last longer and leads to a longer life for your blades.

"The facts are clear. Leaving your wiper blades up will not cause damage to your wiper arms. Springs and the metal used for them are designed to handle the stress to being upright overnight. When upright, a spring will not reach its yield strength or dynamic range," the site says..

"It may look a little silly, but lifting you wiper blades during a winter storm can make your wiper blade last longer and will save you a lot of time when you’re cleaning off your vehicle in the morning. Several wiper manufacturers are offering their two-cents and advising people to keep their blades lifted during the winter," they added.

The Indie 88 website fully disagrees, saying that pushing up your wipers could break the pivot at the bottom and if something strikes them could cause them to slam down and crack your windshield.

"This “proactive” measure is dangerous because on a windy day, the arm can snap down with force that’s hard enough to crack your windshield. Instead, suggests “to sheath the wiper blades with a plastic bag and leave them in their normal position,” the site writes.

Plastic bags on your wipers? Now that's a trick you hardly ever see.