What Are The Most Dangerous Roundabouts In Michigan? Top 10 List

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(WWJ) Love them or love to hate them, roundabouts are popping up more and more all around metro Detroit.

But do they truly improve traffic safety? 

In compiling its annual list of the "Most Dangerous Intersections in Michigan," Michigan Auto Law — which uses data from State Police — found four of the top five intersections with the most crashes in 2019 were roundabouts. 

Below are the top 10 most dangerous roundabouts in Michigan, by number of crashes: 

  1. 18 1/2 MILE RD @ VAN DYKE AVE, Sterling Heights, 229 Total Crashes, 14 Injuries 
  2. ORCHARD LAKE RD @ 14 MILE RD, Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield, 178 Total Crashes, 22 Injuries 
  3. M 5/MARTIN PKWY @ PONTIAC TRAIL, Commerce Twp, 161 Total Crashes, 12 Injuries 
  4. STATE ST @ ELLSWORTH RD, Pittsfield Twp/Ann Arbor, 154 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries 
  5. I 94 @ SPRINKLE RD (SOUTH OF I 94), Kalamazoo, 71 Total Crashes, 2 Injuries 
  6. FARMINGTON RD @ 14 MILE RD, Farmington Hills, 66 Total Crashes, 13 Injuries 
  7. LEE RD @ WHITMORE LAKE RD (WEST OF US 23), Green Oak Twp, 63 Total Crashes, 1 Injuries 
  8. FARMINGTON RD @ MAPLE RD, West Bloomfield Twp, 55 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries 
  9. LIVERNOIS RD @ HAMLIN RD, Rochester Hills, 55 Total Crashes, 4 Injuries 
  10. OAKLEY PARK RD @ MARTIN PKWY, Commerce Twp, 47 Total Crashes, 6 Injuries.

(Source: Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit)

Read more from Michigan Auto Law on the topic, and see more data, HERE

Something to keep in mind, however: The Road Commissions for Oakland County says these lists should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Spokesman Craig Bryson tells WWJ Newsradio 950 the problem is that looking at just the raw data on the total numbers of crashes provides an "incomplete and misleading picture of the situation."

When you look just at totals, he said, the high-volume intersections will always appear more dangerous. However, if you look at crash severity, he said, you will find that high volume intersections always have more total crashes, simply because they have more traffic, but that most of those crashes are minor “fender benders” without human injury.

In fact, roundabouts were credited with reducing fatal crashes in Oakland County in 2018.