State Representative Says Democratic Leadership In Lansing Is Racist

LANSING (WWJ) - A Democratic lawmaker says leadership in Lansing makes doing her job difficult because of racism.

"The Democratic leadership in Lansing that I deal with is racist," first-term State Representative Karen Whitsett, who represents parts of Dearborn and Detroit, told WWJ's Charlie Langton. "The climate is racist. Let's just be clear and get to the point."

Whitsett, who is black, says the racism stems from her vote on auto insurance and extends to the lack of cooperation to inform her constituents. She's also singling out House Minority Leader Christine Greig, who is white. 

"I have asked her from the very beginning, what is your urban agenda, and that is what has sparked everything from that point on. It was as if she was out to get me," she said. "I voted for auto insurance. I was one of three Democrats that voted for auto insurance. She did not. And she made a point in making sure and letting me know that night that if I voted for auto insurance, that she would make my life a living hell."

Whitsett says it has been "almost impossible" to represent her district because of the racist climate.

"Like even for the water shutoffs, my town hall had zero people because no one knew about it," she said. "I've had other town halls that no one knew about all because of Christine Greig. She wants to ensure that mailers that I want to go out are to her liking. And then she cuts those down and if they're not to her liking, I can't mail them out, period."

Whitsett says she has reported the racism allegation to the speaker. 

"She is racist against me," Whitsett said. "I want the speaker to do an investigation because at this point, this has gotten out of control and no one coming in should have to go through anything that I have endured."

Greig has not yet responded to the allegations.