Ted Nugent On Obama Statue: 'Can We Tear This Sh** Down?'


(WWJ) Should a statue of Obama holding hands with his daughter Malia join the fate of confederate generals and slave traders being torn down around the world?

If Ted Nugent got his way, maybe.

In the wake of racial tension ignited by the killing of George Floyd by police -- statues recognizing confederate army history are being scrutinized by activist groups including Black Lives Matter. The spotlight has widened to many statues connected with slavery and colonization. A Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia has been barricaded as activists target the monument. The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico removed the statue of conquistador Juan de Oñate after a man was shot during a protest for the removal of the statue. The statue of slave trader Edward Colston was torn down during a protest in Bristol, England.

The statue of Obama located at the corner of 4th St. and Saint Joseph St. in Rapid City, South Dakota among 41 other statues of presidents in the city drew the attention of Nugent. It depicts Barack Obama holding the hand of his daughter Malia as he was elected president for his first term. 

Thursday, the Michigan-born guitarist, singer-songwriter and conservative activist took to social media to pose the question, "This offends me and I'm sure I speak for millions. Can we tear this sh** down?" with a photo of the president's statue. 

The 42 life-sized statues known as the City of Presidents are privately financed. Rapid City was named South Dakota's most patriotic city by auto insurance company Insurify for having the most military personnel in the state in 2019. 

Comments from fans of Nugent vastly approved of removing the statue. Viki Nelson wrote, "Tear it down... he is the main reason we are seeing this as he nurtured, encouraged and participated in the racism during his reign and still now."

Mike Davis wrote, "You can’t take it down, it’s heavy guarded under 24 hour surveillance."

Few were in opposition, but Tom Chops wrote, "The question is why does it offend you. Obama is not the reason for all this chaos. He was in charge for 8 years. Trump in charge for 4 years and the country has went to hell. But let's blame someone who left office 4 years ago. You people are a special kind of stupid."

Some comments toyed with the idea of taking action. Mike Wit wrote, "I know where my next road trip is....it’s coming down!"