Virus Testing Now Available To Oakland County Residents Without Prescription

(WWJ) If you're an Oakland County resident, you no longer need a prescription to get tested for COVID-19. 

Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter says they're preparing this week to open a drive-thru testing site in Novi that is designed to test around 250 people per day.

"We began out drive-thru testing in Pontiac, then we've now expanded it to Southfield, and this week on Friday, Novi," Coulter said, speaking live on WWJ Newsradio 950. 

Beginning May 8, testing at the Novi Civic Center, on W. Ten Mile Rd. off Taff Rd., will run from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day. 

Coulter said the testing is open to first responders, health care workers, essential business employees — and any other Oakland County resident who has made an appointment. 

"We want to make it accessible for people all over the county," he said. "But you need to have a reservation, an appointment. You don't need to have a doctor's note, but you need to call our 'Nurse on Call' number." 

To get make appointment at any of the three testing sites, Oakland County residents should call the Health Division 'Nurse on Call' hotline at 1-800-848-5533. 

 Coulter said case counts in the county are slowing, as Oakland County reported 18 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, and one death.

"I looks like we've probably peaked in terms of our curve, in terms of our case numbers, somewhere around mid-April, so that's good news," Coulter said. "It tells us the social distancing, the isolating at home has had an effect." 

Coulter said the numbers are trending in the right direction, and he's cautiously optimistic about beating COVID-19.

"I saw cautious optimism because during the peak of the pandemic we had anywhere from 250 or more positive cases per day, and just on May 1 we had another 228," Coulter said. "So there's a very real possibility that we could spike again." 

Looking ahead, Coulter said the county has designated $15 million  in COVID-19 relief grants for small businesses in the county. 

"It's not a loan, it's flat out grants to our small business that are reeling right now. And we wanna keep as many as those as possible alive through this pandemic as well," he said. "...So we're really focused on the day when we can reopen the economy and make sure that we can get back strong."