Warren man seeks forgiveness in attack on Black neighbors' home

Warren hate crime suspect.
Photo credit The suspect is seen on home security video. (Photo: Warren PD)

(WWJ/AP) A white man accused of firing shots into the home of a Black Warren family who put a Black Lives Matter sign in their window is asking for forgiveness.

Michael Frederick Jr., 24, made the remarks when given a moment to speak about bond during his first court appearance on Thursday.

Frederick appeared via video in Warren District Court for arraignment on multiple felony charges, including ethnic intimidation and firing a gun into a building. 

Frederick told Judge Michael Chupa that he wanted the victims, Eddie and Candace Hall, to forgive him and that he acted out-of-character.

“This wasn't about the color of anyone's skin,” he insisted, while the judge urged him more than once not to discuss the case.

Not guilty pleas were entered on Frederick's behalf for each count against him, and bond was set at $200,000. 

A mugshot was not immediately provided by police for Frederick, who requested a court-appointed lawyer. 

Warren hate crime - AP

The charges come after, on Sept. 7, police said shots were fired at the Halls' home near 11Mile Rd. and Hoover. 

Two days later, someone painted a swastika on one of their vehicles, slashed the tires and threw a large rock through their front window. Outside, they discovered the swastika and found that someone had written “terrorist Black Lives Matter,” “not welcome” along with profanity on their pickup truck.

The next day, someone fired a bullet through the Halls’ front window, piercing the living room couch, and police found six shell casings outside the house.

Warren hate crime suspect.

A neighbor’s home surveillance video showed a masked and hooded man carrying what appears to be a handgun outside the Halls' home.

Frederick, who lives in the Halls' neighborhood with his parents, was arrested Tuesday and confessed, according to Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer, who called it a "disturbing" case. 

Candace Hall has said she forgives the perpentrator, but still wanted to see justice served. 

Candace Hall

"We were terrorized for three weeks, so we want justice to be served," Candace Hall told WWJ on Wednesday. "It doesn't mean that we don't forgive him. It just means that...when you commit a crime you have to pay for the crime that you comitted." 

Thanking the police department for their "great police work," Warren Mayor Jim Fouts called the suspect a "racist terrorist."

"Congratulations to Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer and all of the police officers who worked diligently by going door-to-door in painstakingly finding the perpetrator," Fouts said. "This is another reason why defunding our police is a very bad idea." 

Frederick will be back in court for a conference set for Oct. 13, following by a preliminary examination scheduled for Oct. 20.