Public Invited To Take A Ride In A Self-Driving Vehicle

self driving car
Photo credit FILE PHOTO (Dreamstime)

DETROIT (WWJ) - Metro Detroiters are being given the opportunity to experience the future with a ride in a self-driving vehicle.  

WWJ's Jeff Gilbert reports studies have shown that people are a little nervous about the idea of letting the vehicle do the driving.

With that in mind, SAE will be giving people the opportunity to take a ride in a self-driving car during SAE Demo Days, April 5-7 at Cobo Center.

The event held in conjunction with SAE International’s WCX annual conference in Detroit is sponsored by SAE International, Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE), and Dataspeed.

Along with the chance to take a ride in a self-driving vehicle, attendees will find interactive displays will help visitors understand the technology behind self-driving cars and their potential benefits: increased safety, expanded mobility for those whose ability to drive a traditional vehicle is limited, and enhanced environmental sustainability.Hands-on interactive displays provided by partner organizations including AAA, Cruise, the National Safety Council, and Velodyne will also allow visitors to experience a distracted driving simulator, use virtual reality to explore the hardware used by self-driving cars, and learn about safety technologies designed to help prevent crashes.

Attendance is free to the public.

“We’re delighted to be a part of such an impactful event in partnership with PAVE and SAE International,” said Paul Fleck, Dataspeed Inc. Founder & CEO. “Autonomous vehicles are undeniably the future of transportation, and it’s critical we ensure the public is properly educated on the technology. The Dataspeed team is eager to share our knowledge on self-driving car safety, testing, and research.”

Register in advance to take a demonstration ride AT THIS LINK.