Republicans Introduce Measures To Strip Gov. Whitmer Of Power


(WWJ) After a raucous protest of the governor's stay home, stay safe order erupted at the state capitol this week, Republican state lawmakers are proposing stripping Governor Gretchen Whitmer of some of her powers during the outbreak, WWJ Newsradio 950’s Rob St. Mary reports.

The bills they're proposing would repeal a 19-45 Emergency Powers Act that gives the governor latitude during a declared state of emergency to take actions in times of “great public crisis”… while also change a 19-76 act reducing a governor’s state of emergency orders from 28 days to 14 days.

Why? “The governor is playing with people’s constitutional rights,” said state Rep. State Rep. Jason Sheppard or Temperance. “She has stripped residents of their property rights by prohibiting travel from one residence to another.  In addition, the governor has interfered with commerce by prohibiting Michiganians from purchasing certain goods.”

Sponsor Senator Tom Barrett of Charlotte says the acts are too vague, don’t pertain to what’s currently unfolding, and adds that the governor’s most recent actions to tighten and extend the “stay home” order are not rational and Republican lawmakers need to balance state power. “We do not feel that law applies to the situation we’re facing today,” Barrett said in a press release. A spokesman for the governor says the proposals would diminish her ability to protect public health from a disease that has sickened and killed thousands… and if it were to pass she would veto it.

Michigan's current stay home, stay safe order basically prohibits anyone from leaving the house except to collect groceries or pharmacy items, for outdoor exercise or to perform a job deemed essential. It was extended to May 1.