Whitmer On Veep Job: 'I Am 100% Invested In Michigan'


(WWJ) While talk continues to swirl about whether Gov. Gretchen Whitmer could be chosen as Democratic candidate Joe Biden's running mate, the governor remains coy about her interest.

She did say, though, that the talk itself is good for Michigan, per Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick, as it thrusts Michigan into the spotlight. 

While the NY Times floated Whitmer's name a few weeks ago as someone who had a "keen interest" in the Veep role, the governor herself would not confirm that.

"I am 100% invested in Michigan," Whitmer said to Off The Record. "This is my home. This is my life."

She added that focus on the state has made it difficult to entertain any other notions about a national role.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has been open about the fact she has been vetted by the Biden campaign as the potential running mate. It's unknown if Whitmer has also been through the official vetting process, though she did confirm a couple of weeks ago that she is being considered for the job.

For his part, Biden has said he will choose a female running mate -- though  many in his circle are reportedly pushing for an African American woman. About 200 Democratic party insiders  signed an open letter to Biden in April calling on him to select a black woman as his running mate.

He has not made a commitment to the race of his running mate or announced a deadline for his choice, though in a virtual roundtable discussion with governors May 14, Biden told Whitmer that she’s done “one hell of a job” leading her state through the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, she has scrapped with President Donald Trump, who called her "that woman from Michigan" when she criticized the White House's coronavirus response and said he'd had a lot of trouble with that governor from Michigan. 

Speaking with Sean Hannity on FOX News about Whitmer, Trump said of Whitmer, "She is a new governor, and it's not been pleasant ... "We've had a big problem with the young — a woman governor. You know who I'm talking about — from Michigan. We don't like to see the complaints."