This city has been named the most sleep-deprived place in Michigan

Woman falling asleep at her computer
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DETROIT (WWJ) -- Feeling exhausted? If you happen to be from this city in Michigan, you're definitely not alone!

The website Charlotte’s Web compiled data from a study by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, which researched the most sleep-deprived places in the country.

In Michigan, it was the city of Detroit that took the top spot, with a whopping 45% of adults reporting insufficient sleep — or fewer than seven hours a night.

That data also placed Wayne County among the most sleep-deprived counties in the entire country, coming in at No. 11 overall.

The findings showed that the most sleep-deprived place in the country was Whitley City in Kentucky, while Williamson, West Virginia, Eutaw, Alabama, Fort Gaines, Georgia and Honolulu, Hawaii rounded out the top five.

So what exactly are the risks when you're not getting enough rest?

According to the University of Wisconsin's study: "Ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to chronic health conditions including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and stroke, as well as psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety, risky behavior, and even suicide."

See the full study from the University of Wisconsin on the Charlotte’s Web website.

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