Driver of Trump Unity Bridge arrested in Detroit, vehicle impounded [VIDEO]


(WWJ) The driver of the Trump Unity Bridge truck was arrested by Detroit Police on Friday, and his vehicle impounded.

It happened as Rob Cortis -- who has owned the "bridge" since 1985 -- arrived in downtown Detroit where Trump supporters were converging on the TCF Center for an election protest.

WWJ's Vickie Thomas said Cortis was taken into custody by officers on an outstanding warrant out of Canton, Michigan, on a charge of disturbing the peace. He also has an invalid license plate, police said.

The Unity Bridge for years has been a well-known sight in Michigan and at pro-Trump events and protests all around the country.

Following Cortis' arrest, people at the protest collected money in a hat to bail him out.

By around 3 p.m., Cortis was free on bond and was working to get his vehicle back.

He said police had him in "really tight" handcuffs, and denied him access to his medication as they "hauled (him) away in pain suffering."

"It wasn't very pretty, it sucked, it hurt," Cortis told Thomas. "I'm still in pain, there's still bruises. My palm's all swollen and my hand, and I'm still in pain."

Police stopped Cortis downtown earlier in the week, and told him not to come back to Detroit until he got a valid plate. He left at that time, but came back Friday.

Speaking to reporters, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said there's a "false narrative out there" that Cortis was arrested simply for supporting President Trump.

"That was not true," the chief said. "There was an individual yesterday that was using amplified speakers, who was obstructing traffic. We gave several warnings yesterday. He returned today; and, given the same behavior, he was stopped, he was warned."

Craig said officers then learned that the man had a warrant, and he was taken into custody without incident.

"Again," Craig added, "it wasn't because of his support of anyone. It was simply because he was violating the law."