You've heard about the shortage of nurses? Well, experts say it doesn't exist, it's a myth. But there's still a huge problem.

Nurse with hands on her head
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(WWJ) – Over the course of the pandemic, nurses all over the U.S. were on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. As you could imagine, many of them burned out, and nurses left the field in droves.

Is that why there’s a shortage of nurses across the country? Well, experts say there’s actually not a nursing shortage. Currently, there are about a million registered nurses working in other professions – which is still a big problem.

It’s such a problem that the Michigan Nurses Association is suing the University of Michigan over extreme workloads. On a new Daily J podcast, WWJ’s Zach Clark busts the myth of the so-called shortage and talks to experts about what can be done to bring RNs back to the industry.