Fraser High School student arrested after bringing gun to school

School lockers
Photo credit Getty Images

FRASER (WWJ) -- A Fraser High School student has been arrested after bringing a gun to campus on Monday.

School officials received a tip from another student that the youth was in possession of a weapon. Fraser public safety officers discovered the gun in the teen’s backpack after pulling him out of class to conduct a search.

A letter sent to parents from the school’s superintendent says the student did not make threats against any classmates, staff or community members.

“We commend the person that reported the information as well as our team for their immediate actions in resolving this issue,” said superintendent Carrie Wozniak.

It is unknown if the gun was loaded, or what the student intended by bringing the weapon to school.

The teen -- whose age and identity has not been revealed by authorities -- faces legal action is currently not allowed on school property until a full investigation can be completed.

For extra precaution, additional police will remain on the Fraser High School campus during this time.