Hackers post racist slurs on Troy School District website

hackers target Troy Schools website
Photo credit Getty Images - FILE

(WWJ) Michigan State Police are investigating a hack that posted racist, homophobic and other offensive comments on an Oakland County school district's website.

MSP detectives have so far determined that the vile racial slurs targeting a variety of groups on the Troy School District website were put there by a group of hackers based outside of the U.S.

Schools spokesperson Kerry Birmingham said the hack happened about 2:15 p.m. Monday.

A message at the top of the page read: "Good evening Troy School District! All the sites connected to your district have been hacked,"

The website was taken down after about 30 minutes.

Birmingham said the site is used to share things like the schools' calendar and events and does carry any personal information on staff or students that could be put at risk.

The site will remain down for the time being while the investigation continues.

This comes after, in October of last year, Walled Lake Schools was the victim of a ransomware attack by a hacker group under a different name that exposed the personal information of staff and students.