High levels of bacteria couldn't keep hundreds out of the Belle Isle water over the weekend

Photo of seagulls on the beach and in water on Belle Isle
Photo credit Charlie Langton/WWJ

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Despite high levels of E. coli found late last week, hundreds of people took to the water to cool off on Belle Isle over the weekend.

Due to the bacteria levels, the Michigan Department of Environmental Great Lakes and Energy continue their testing Monday. Signs are posted around the island for this reason, indicating the beaches are closed and waters are off limits.

Testing has been underway since Thursday, but those trying to beat the heat didn't let that bother them.

There is no reason given why bacteria levels might be so high, however, in an interview with Outlier Media, the Manager of Belle Isle Park for the DNR, Tom Bissett, said the usual sources of bacterial contamination are birds, and possibly, human waste. A 2022 study found that geese and gulls are most likely the culprit in the Belle Isle water.

E. coli can make people vomit, have diarrhea or worse. To avoid these symptoms, you are reminded to stay out of any water that might be affected.

There is no word at this time as to when test results are expected. Stay with WWJ for the latest on this and when Belle Isle beaches will reopen.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Charlie Langton/WWJ