Wondering about those lights soaring over Metro Detroit Thursday night? No worries, it's only Elon Musk

Starlink in sky
Starlink Photo credit Ryan Anderson

(WWJ) -- If you looked up at the night sky in Southeast Michigan on Thursday and noticed an unusual thin string of lights, you were looking at Elon Musk's satellite.

To be specific, it's called a Starlink, which is a low-orbit satellite that's part of Musk's commercial enterprise to sell internet access.


Shortly before 10 p.m., residents from Romulus to Ferndale and even as far as Northern Wisconsin reported seeing these lights.

The sightings were confirmed on Starlink's website HERE, which tracks the movements of the satellites.

According to the tracker, residents around Southeast Michigan were viewing the Starlink-G4-14 at around 9:49 p.m. for about five minutes.

According to Nature.com, the cluster of satellites creates what some call a "megaconstellation."

Some 1,500 satellites connected to the program to bring satellite internet to the world are currently in orbit.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ryan Anderson