Nissan offers 99-cent leases for Leaf electric vehicles

Nissan offers 99-cent leases for Leaf electric vehicle
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(WWJ) -- Would you lease an electric vehicle if it only cost you 99 cents?

A Nissan dealer in Springfield, Virginia was offering two-year leases on electric Nissan Leafs for less than a dollar…if you also paid full price for a Nissan Titan pickup truck.

According to Automotive News, the dealership owner quickly sold the five Leafs he had in stock with the buy-one-get-one deal.

The Leaf has been passed by in recent years, due in part to newer, more high-profile electric vehicles hitting the market. Meanwhile, the Titan is the poorest selling full-size pickup truck.

Both vehicles are exceptions in a world where inventories of most vehicles continue to get tighter.

The 2021 Nissan Titan starts at $41,375, while the Nissan Leaf typically retails for around $31,670.