Woman's inappropriate dancing at Mount Clemens HS gym has people outraged, district banning former football player from coming back

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MOUNT CLEMENS (WWJ) – The Mount Clemens Community School District has banned a former student and football player from renting its facilities in the future after an event over the weekend led to community outrage.

Quentin Hines, a Mount Clemens alum and former NFL player, hosted a charity event at the school’s gym and rented their concession stand for his company, Rivals Recruiting Worldwide, which runs a semi-professional football league.

During the event, a local rapper performed with a woman wearing barely any clothing, twerking and dancing inappropriately on the center court Battling Bathers logo. Video of the performance posted online drew criticism from many in the community, as well as school officials.

In a statement released Sunday, Superintendent Monique Beels said the board of education and administration are “deeply shocked, disappointed, and disgusted by the inappropriate events that took place.”

Beels said the district had allowed Hines’ company to rent their facilities for events before but there were never any “prior issues of inappropriateness” and there was “no reason to believe the activities that took place” would happen at Saturday’s event.

“We will conduct a full review of our current practices of facility rentals and usage, and work to ensure that our community does not compromise the values and actions that we work to instill in our students,” Beels said in a statement, noting Rivals Recruiting Worldwide is “banned from using any of our facilities in the future.”

“Our facilities were rented to Rivals Recruiting Worldwide in good faith and trust was broken,” Beels said. “This type of behavior is not tolerated in our district. The safety of our students and staff are at the forefront of our priorities. We are investigating the entire process of facility use and rentals in Mount Clemens Community Schools, this event in particular, and will ensure that our facilities are used only for appropriate use.”

Hines said he wasn’t aware the woman’s inappropriate dancing would be a part of the rapper’s event, according to a report from WDIV.

Hines told WDIV “I don’t think she was a stripper. She was one of his dancers and she was underdressed. It’s unacceptable.”

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