Open letter: 120,000 parents demand no mask or vax mandate for kids in Michigan schools

"We believe in choice and parental rights"

(WWJ) More than 100 parent groups representing a couple of hundred thousand parents in Michigan have a message for the powers that be:

They do not want their children required to be masked, tested, vaccinated, or quarantined in order to attend public schools or play school sports in the fall.

In an open letter addressed to President Joe Biden, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the CDC, state health department leadership and school administrators, the groups (school down for the list) say they've "had enough" of such mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although public health officials continue to stress the importance of face coverings, routine testing and vaccinations in keeping the virus and its variants from spreading, these groups contend that this "government overreach" is unnecessary, and in fact harmful to students.

What they're asking for is a choice.

The letter reads as follows:

"We represent approximately 120,000 parents from over 100 parent advocacy groups in the great State of Michigan and we hereby inform you that we will not allow a repeat of the 2020-2021 school year.

"We parents have had enough of forced mandates, knee-jerk reactions and government overreach into decision-making regarding the well-being of our children. We will not co-parent with the government. We have watched our children succumb to harm at the hands of government, special interest groups and inept leadership, and will not tolerate the continuation of it. We believe in choice and parental rights. We believe that all children should have the right to an education, free from mandates that have not been proven necessary or beneficial. Universal and “one size fits all” approaches have failed Michigan’s school children. Children are not political pawns and our tax dollars are not to be used to cater to the demands of special interest groups, unions or any other political organization.

"As we enter the 2021-2022 school year, parents must have a choice. Education will not be conditioned upon wearing a mask, scheduled COVID testing, or vaccination status. Our children will not be mandated to miss school for 14 days due to close contact quarantines. Parents will be the decision makers for the health and well-being of our children and we will no longer remain silent. We will stand up for our children and their rights.

"To the school boards, school administrators, local government leaders and businesses who have respected parental choice, we applaud you. We anticipate and appreciate your continued support of children and our rights as parents to do what is best for them as individuals. We do not wish to take away from the learning environment of any child, and therefore support choices for individual families.

"For the officials who do not support parents and our right to choose, please take note. Our voices, our votes and our dollars will be directed to the schools, candidates and businesses that support Michigan’s parents and students. Calls for mandates, lockdowns and universal masking in schools are not rooted in science, and have caused significant harm to the most vulnerable in our state.

"We parents have made this known to you for over a year, and yet your message continues to be one of authority and cruelty, disregarding the social and emotional well-being of Michigan’s 1.4 million students. Over 120,000 of us (and growing) have linked arms as mothers, fathers, educators, healthcare professionals and community members to make sure that parents always have a seat at the table when the issue is the education of our children. We implore you to do what is right, and to stop pushing fear, political agendas and bad science at the feet of our most precious members of society. Enough is enough.



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Senator Jim Runestad, District 15"

Readers should note that Michigan does not currently have a statewide mask or vaccine mandate in place.

However, Whitmer said Monday she hopes that schools — which have been allowed to set their own rules — will heed the CDC, which recommends that masks be worth in public school classrooms.

“We know that the Delta variant is spreading, that it remains a very serious concern and that children cannot be vaccinated yet under 12," said the governor, "and that's why we really are strongly encouraging districts to adopt masking policies."