'Completely burned': Police believe arson behind fire that scorched semi-truck in Detroit


DETROIT (WWJ) - Fire crews extinguished a roaring semi-truck fire in Southwest Detroit Tuesday morning, but authorities say circumstances leading to the blaze are suspicious.

WWJ's Charlie Langton reported live from the scene on Bryden near Central and Tireman where the melted and charred remains of a big rig could still be seen smoldering.

"You can see the water still dripping from it, the fire department was just here. They literally just put it out and it's still a little bit smoking," Langton reported. "Its really, the truck is just completely burned."

While the cause of the fire remains under investigation with Detroit police, Langton said it is believed to have started under "suspicious circumstances."

Langton said police have not identified any possible suspects at this time, but are continuing to work the scene.

"Not sure what was in the truck and what it is was doing here," Langton added.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: WWJ's Charlie Langton