Protesters try to get into TCF Center in Detroit to stop the ballot count

The Republican party is alleging "irregularities" in the process

(WWJ) Protesters tried to get into the vote tally room at downtown Detroit's TCF Center to stop the counting of absentee ballots in the presidential election.

Chants of "stop the vote" rang out outside the building, where votes were still being counted in crucial battleground Michigan, Wednesday afternoon.

WWJ's Vickie Thomas says a chaotic scene erupted as election officials told dozens of people that they could not enter, as the vote tally room was over capacity. Police officers posted had to block them from entering.

Officials said dozens of Democratic and Republican monitors were allowed inside to observe the process. However,

By 6 p.m., The Associated Press, CBS and multiple other media networks had called Michigan for Joe Biden.

The Michigan Republican Party says it is monitoring "numerous irregularities" that occurred with the counting and reporting of votes throughout the state of Michigan, including in Detroit.

This includes yet unsbstaitianted allegations that thousands of ballots were dropped off at the Detroit counting board after 3 a.m., after volunteers were told that the final