Freight train derailment in Southwest Detroit causes travel delays for Amtrak passengers

A freight train derails in Southwest Detroit.
A freight train derails in Southwest Detroit. Photo credit Mike Campbell/WWJ

DETROIT (WWJ) - Travelers using Amtrak train services in Detroit were delayed Wednesday morning after freight train derailed.

WWJ's Mike Campbell reported live from the scene off Clark Street between Michigan Ave. and Toledo in Southwest Detroit where several freight cars belonging to a train with the Canadian National Railway Company could be seen leaning sideways off the tracks as crews assess the situation.

"We have a source telling us that as many as nine cars are off the tracks here and don't have any reports of any injuries," Campbell reported. "I can tell you the trains are damaged because they're off the tracks."

Campbell said the derailed freight cars — up to nine of them — would typically be carrying new vehicles, but he was told they were empty at the time of the accident.

The goods, Campbell said, is there was no HAZMAT situation on the scene.

Meanwhile, Amtrak passengers taking the 351 Wolverine coming from Chicago were held up at the New Center train station in Detroit due to the derailment.

Basically, the problem was their train could not get by the derailed train on the tracks.

"Due to ongoing delays, Wolverine Train 351 will now terminate in Detroit (DET)," Amtrak said in a 8:14 a.m. update. "Customers ticketed for Train 351 will be re-accommodated on Train 353."

At this time it's unclear what may have caused the derailment.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ