Breathtaking and illegal: Viral photo shows man perched atop the Ambassador Bridge [PHOTO]

Ambassador Bridge
FILE: A legal photo of the Ambassador Bridge. Photo credit (Getty images)

(WWJ) It's extremely dangerous, obviously illegal and going viral:
A stunning photo shared online show a man crouched precariously at the very top of the Ambassador Bridge.

Twitter and Reddit user "Driftershoots" says he's the person in the picture, as well as the one who snapped the photo about a month ago -- clearly while trespassing at the international crossing between Windsor and Detroit.

"It’s a self portrait with a tripod," he wrote, responding to a string of comments and questions about what may go down as his most famous (or infamous) shot.

Many people responding to the photos were impressed by his feat.

"Do you live in a comic book?" asked RosewaterConstant. "Some might say," the daredevil photographer, who calls himself "Drift" replied.

"You’re insane and I love every minute of it," Twitter user @tremendousviz commented.

CorbusianEnfilade added simply: "This is one of the best photos I have ever seen!"

Many others, however, expressed concern -- not only for the man's safety, but that he may find himself in a heap of legal trouble, possibly on a federal level.

On top of the fact that people are not permitted to climb, or even walk on the bridge, there's another layer to the apparent crime. The U.S.-Canada border has been closed to all but essential travel since March due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

The photos are being investigated, according to media reports.

This was, however, not the photographer's first walk on the risky side. Other photos and video show Drift at the tippy top of other big bridges, skyscrapers and rock formations in various cities and states.

Other recent, eye-catching shots show him creeping along sleek metal roller-coaster tracks at a shuttered amusement park.

Responding criticism and calls that he stop his shenanigans, the man tweeted: "If I did my work for clout then being in handcuffs, having court cases and sitting down in front of the FBI stopped me by now. It’s love that gets me up everyday to go explore and shoot. You see this? I created this, I felt this, and I want the world to as well."

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