Chicago group tries to break world record for most dog weddings

Puppy love is really evident in this couple! You can see it in his eyes! Xiu Xiu's white veil and Tin Tin's bow tie are seen here bringing this doggy couple a touch of elegance.
Photo credit Getty Images

If you're a person who thinks doggie birthday parties and puppy Halloween costumes are silly, click here.

For the rest of us goofballs, there's a suburb in Chicago that is going to attempt to break a Guinness World Record this weekend. The accomplishment? Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony.

Villa Park Village in Illinois has a community group called Focus on Unifying Neighbors Commission aka: FUN Commission. Members of the board have invited people and their pooches to an event on Saturday where they will marry doggos and doggettes.

The board of the FUN Commission has arranged an officiant and will also have a speed-dating round before the ceremony to match potential mutts mates. The current record is 178 couples so they need at least 179 dogger duos.