Naked man gyrates on poker table: What really stays in Vegas?

Las Vegas at night - stock photo
Las Vegas. Stock photo. Photo credit Getty Images

We all know the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but how true is it?

This year, a man who claims he was drugged got up on a poker table to dance, naked, and punched an amputee. His story didn’t stay in Las Vegas long – it soon went viral online.

To find out more about what’s really legal in Sin City and how true that famous catchphrase is, journalist Corey Levitan, who writes the “Las Vegas Myths Busted” column for, joined the “Something Offbeat” podcast.

“Vegas is a place that encourages magical thinking,” said Levitan, who covered the story about the naked, gyrating guy. “And most people have... some reliance on luck to have a good time. So, the brain starts to see patterns and things that aren’t really there.”

Levitan helps host Mike Rogers bust some Las Vegas myths, shares a bit about his stint as a go-go dancer and chronicles some of the strangest things he’s seen in the town.

Listen here to get all the details... and catch last week’s episode, which dives into how Congress is coming for caffeine.

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