The internet discovers that Pizza Hut in Hungary has a Texas and Dallas themed pizza on the menu

The Texas pizza includes BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, purple onion, corn, and mozzarella cheese
Photo credit Fudio

It is known throughout the country that state pride in Texas is on another level. However, apparently the Lone Star State isn’t the only place obsessed with everything Texas. A Reddit user recently discovered that Pizza Hut in Hungary has two different pizza combinations named for Texas on their menu.

Many were shocked when it was revealed recently that Pizza Hut Hungary has a “Texas” and a “Dallas” pizza on their menu. The Texas pizza includes “BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, purple onion, corn, [and] mozzarella cheese.” As for the Dallas pizza, it seems to feature mushrooms and ham, based on images from social media.

It is unknown why Pizza Hut in Hungary uses both “Texas” and “Dallas” as names for their pizzas, as other than BBQ, the flavors don’t exactly match that of Texas cuisine. Still, many Texas took this as yet another source of state pride. It appears in Hungary, Texas has a fan.

Via Chron