Scientists believe potty-training cows will help save the environment

They're calling the process "MooLoo training."
Row of cows eating
Row of cows eating Photo credit Getty Images

Scientists are working around the clock to discover new methods to save the environment, and a group in Germany may have found a way to a solution to the damage caused by livestock waste.

Obviously, the 66-88 pounds of feces and 8 gallons of urine that farmed cattle produce every day can have negative effects on the environment as it spreads into the soil.

So, these scientists have found that by potty-training cows in a process called "MooLoo training," they could regulate the amount of waste that seeped into the environment.

According to CNN, the results showed that calves performed at a similar level to children when learning to potty-train, and even better than very young children.

Jan Langbein, co-author of a study, said that in a few years, he hoped "in a few years all cows will go to a toilet."

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