Sen. Cruz thinks Pitt's 'gender-inclusive' language is 'cray-cray'

The university suggests using words like humankind instead of mankind

Texas Senator Ted Cruz isn’t happy with the University of Pittsburgh and its gender-inclusive language.

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On its website, the university outlines how their community can use more inclusive language (using humankind instead of mankind or chair or chairperson instead of chairman).

Cruz is taking exception to the guidelines that also encourage students and staff to use words like “colleagues, guests, all, yinz, friends, people, students, folks,” instead of “ladies and gentleman.”

“Folks, these yinz are cray-cray,” Cruz said in a tweet Thursday morning.

The university says on its website that misgendering someone “is disrespectful and dismissive.”

In an effort to be more inclusive, the university encourages teachers to “not limit yourself to male example or heterosexual examples” and to also include “women, gender non-conforming, and LGBT-identified people.”

Pitt has guidelines on its website on how to be more inclusive and provides alternatives to commonly used language that may leave out some groups.