Someone pays $2,500 for Princess Di wedding cake in 'same condition' as 1981

Princess Diana wedding dress
Photo credit SIPA USA

A 40-year-old slice of cake just sold at auction for more than $2,500. But this isn't any ordinary slice of cake.

The cake is from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1981 wedding.

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The large slice of cake came from one of 23 official wedding cakes made for the royal wedding. It was expected to bring in between $400 and up to $700 -- but sold for the "unexpected" price of $2,565, CNN reported.

The cake slice weighs 1.75 pounds and features a coat-of-arms colored in gold, red, blue and silver, a silver horseshoe and leaf spray, as well as some white decorative icing, according to the auction listing. It was wrapped in cling film and preserved in an old cake tin.

The cake was bought by Gerry Layton, a luxury boat charterer in the English city of Leeds, the BBC reported. Layton said he plans to put the cake in his will, which will go to charity along with his estate after his death.

"I will have to think of a way to stop myself from trying to eat it though," Leyton said.

The auction site said the cake "appears to be in exactly the same good condition as when originally sold, but we advise against eating it."

The cake was originally given to Moyra Smith, an employee to the Queen Mother at Clarence House, and was likely from the side of a larger cake or from the top of a single-tier cake. Dominic Winter Auctioneers acquired the cake in 2008 when it was sold on behalf of Smith's family.

Featured Image Photo Credit: SIPA USA