Sneak Peek: Airport open house Thursday and Saturday!

The new terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport is ready to open to the public.  But before the doors fly open and visitors stream in and out, a dry run is needed.  And that's where YOU come in.  

During the two days the terminal is open all systems from ticketing to baggage handling will be operable.  Volunteers who sign up to participate can role play as a passenger.  

"Those who sign up for the passenger simulation, they'll get to walk the path of the passenger.  They'll practice checking in with the airline, going down to find their gate," Airport Communications Director Erin Burns explains.  "They'll be given a test bag to work through the system.  Following that they'llk be tasked with going down to Baggage Claim."

Burns also says the airport needs volunteers to help put on the event and you can get involved with the run-through from behind-the-scenes.  

Sound like fun?  Click Here to register for the open house, role play as a passenger or to volunteer.