Are there solutions to the rampage of killings?

What can the government and society in general do about mass killings?  There are certainly no easy answers and even the top experts are struggling for ideas.

LSU Criminologist Dr. Peter Scharf says often, people will blame mental illness or a lack of treatment in the U.S. 

He asks what if there was a data base covering every person who has had mental health treatment?

"There is a collision between legitimate civil rights, privacy and safety that we really need to think through as a society," Scharf said.

The motive in these two mass killings appear to be different with little other than the crime itself connecting the two.

One was in a nightclub and other at a mall and Scharf says don't leave out work place incidents

"People get mad at their supervisor, get laid off or whatever and that is another distinct subset of the total number of mass killings," said Scharf.

It's likely many people will only remember that the shooters may have been mentally ill and had semi-automatic weapons.