Cantrell: Party irresponsibly, lose your unemployment benefits


During a press conference at Orleans Parish School Board headquarters, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell was asked about non-compliant people seen partying on Bourbon Street over the Labor Day weekend.

The Mayor responded with a nuclear option of sorts aimed at bringing non-compliant revelers into the fold.  

"We're looking at, right now I've asked, to whether individuals who've been issued a citation," Cantrell says.  "Could that put them in jeopardy of receiving their unemployment insurance benefits."

Cantrell says this is something her COVID-19 public safety team and restructuring protocols are looking at...the validity of such a penalty.    

But Cantrell is adament about driving home the public responsibility of keeping the health of all New Orleans residents safe.

"It's my opinion, you can't receive public resources, but at the same time, violate public mandates to keep people safe in the City of New Orleans."