COVID crazy? Nude woman walks into MSY, leaves wearing handcuffs

Nude woman arrives at Armstrong, leaves wearing handcuffs
Photo credit Getty_Images_SyhinStas

Would you call this ‘stir-crazy’? Cabin fever? Lockdown lunacy? Streaking? Getting away from it all?

Saturday night, a naked woman from Colorado strolled into the new terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport. 

Apparently she caught everybody’s eye. 

According to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate, the woman was asked to leave, but apparently refused. 

This resulted in her arrest at the hands of a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputy. 

The woman, identified as 27-year old Mariel Vergara of Pueblo approached the Spirit Airlines ticket counter and wanted to purchase a ticket. 

By the time the deputy arrived, it seems Ms. Vergara had heeded the warnings of the ticket counter people and put on a dress.

A short dress, short enough to leave too little to the imagination. 

But public indecency is still a crime and Ms. Vergara was arrested. 

To make matters worse, Ms. Vergara tussled with deputies as she was being taken into custody.

Ms. Vergara was arrested and booked with obscenity, resisting arrest, battery of a police officer, simple battery and remaining in a place after being forbidden. 

She bonded out on Thursday and was promptly re-arrested for battery on a corrections officer and resisting arrest.

She’s currently being held at the Gretna Jail. 

No word if a psychological evaluation has been performed. 

Or, if she has any clothes to wear if she bails out again.