Do you and your partner have separate banking accounts or do you pool your finances together?

More and more younger people are choosing to have separate accounts from their partners, and for many this means separate savings, separate checking accounts and choosing to split up the bills right down the middle. 

Financial planner Roland Doubleday says usually it's the younger generation. 

"I think it depends on the circumstance in terms of their relationship and maybe just by a function of them being younger, maybe they are newer in relationships and therefore have funds maintained on a separate basis," Doubleday said.  

A Bank of America survey reports that 28 percent of couples between the ages of 23 and 37 say they kept their finances separate.   

"The millennials are maybe approaching things a little bit differently maybe with the advent of online investing, it may be simpler and easier for them to do that, but in doing so, they lose a little bit of continuity if something were to happen to one of the account holders," said Doubleday. 

He says it could be a function of the electronic world where it is so easy to open up an account online and if you don't have your significant other with you it could end up being an individual account.