Homeless cats airlifted to new homes in Washington

Homeless cats airlifted to new homes
Photo credit Getty_Images

The lives of 118 cats will be significantly improved after they were airlifted from shelters in Louisiana and Mississippi to Washington State where pets are in demand.  

The first flight left on Sunday January 12th.  

The flight was a joint effort between Wings of Rescue and the Jackson Galaxy Project.  

In all 72 cats from Louisiana and 46 from Mississippi were gathered from shelters to make the flight.  

The ability to move the animals gives them a second chance at adoption and saves them from being euthanized due to shelter overcrowding.  

Shelters in Washington have available space to host them and improves their chances of getting adopted.  

The cats chosen to be flown out came from Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, St. Charles Animal Shelter, and Oktibbeha Humane Society.