Backlog of haircut needs and social distancing may result in the need to set a hair appointment


Barbershops and hair salons will partially reopen Friday and the experience is expected to be drastically different. Setting hair appoints may become necessary. Director of the State Board of Cosmetology Steve Young says social distancing will be paramount and it’ll impact the convenience of a quick snip.

“It’s going to be a little bit hard for people to realize they can’t just walk in.  They are going to have to go and wait or make an appointment and be there at the appointed time,” said Young.

Capacity limits will likely mean that waiting inside the business will not be an option, so waiting in the car will be the next best thing.

Barbershops and salons have been closed since March, so the backlog of those in need of a haircut may create the need for extended business hours. Young says that should not be an issue.

“We have no policy against whatever hours they wished to be open.  They have a license to operate so it is up to the individual to do that and I’m quite sure many will,” said Young.

Young says mask-wearing and other spread mitigation efforts will be mandated during a hair appointment.

“They are going to have to have their mask on, they are going to have to have the appropriate aprons.  Every time a client leaves, everything will have to be santized,” said Young.