Louisiana unemployment claims continue to soar


Unemployment applications continue to inundate the Louisiana Workforce Commission.  Executive Director Ava Dejoie says the department has had a total of roughly 136,000 claims come in over the last two weeks.

“Typically during a week, we have between 1,400 and 1,700 new claimants, so that gives you an idea of the increase in volume,” said Dejoie.

Dejoie commends the staff of the LWC and says they have tripled their capacity for claims as many workers in the department have received a crash course in unemployment benefits.

“We have gotten those individuals laptops and the appropriate technology they need in assisting with claims and phone calls,” said Dejoie.

Dejoie says the best way to file is still online at louisianaworks.net and recommends that filers practice some patience with the process.

“With just yesterday’s total of 16,700 people filing, we can’t answer 16,000 calls at one time.  There is going to be a wait but we are responding as quickly as we can,” said Dejoie.