VIDEO: Louisiana Resident Ties Down Entire House With Ratchet Strap Ahead of Hurricane Laura


Welcome to Louisiana indeed.

A video posted to Facebook hours before Hurricane Laura is expected to make landfall shows one resident’s creative attempt to keep his house safely tethered to the ground during the Category 4 storm.

The clip, posted by Moss Bluff resident Ryan Chesson, shows a ratchet strap that is tied to a tree in a front yard, extends over the roof of a family’s home and through the fence into the neighbor’s yard.

“Y’all welcome to Louisiana. I have just seen it all,” Chesson exclaims in the clip, which is taken while he apparently drives by the home.

Chesson starts off by zooming in on the tree from which a yellow strap is tautly pulled up towards the house.

He then moves his camera step by step while he describes the scene.

“They got a ratchet strap from this tree, over the house — ’cuz that’s gonna hold your house down,” he begins before breaking off in disbelief.

“Y’all gotta see this, this don’t make no kind of sense,” he utters before continuing.

“It comes around the fence, under the fence, and it’s gonna bolt into the neighbor’s.”

Chesson couldn’t believe the unique hurricane safety tactic.

“I’m telling you right now, I have seen it all,” he says with a cackle.

The video comes with a caption that includes a gag about getting it to a popular Weather Channel meteorologist immediately .

“Update. Don’t forget to strap ya house down,” the caption read. “Someone call Jim. He’s gotta see this. The Weather Channel. Jim Cantore.”