More people are ordering online, making it hard to keep up with the demand

Do you notice more delivery trucks on the road these days?  That's because more people are ordering online and the delivery chains are having trouble handling all the business. 

There are more delivery trucks on the road these days than ever before.  

"You've got more traffic on the streets, more delivery delivery vehicles and you are pressing up against the constraint there, it's not easily going to be solved," said Mark Rosa, UNO business professor.   

Of course that means more trucks, bigger warehouses, more workers, both full and part-time are all needed. 

"It's going to reach a point where you might as well go back to the mall, or go back to the retail outlet to get what you want, because that might be faster than the delivery," said Rosa.   

It's an issue that is trying to be dealt with.  Even Uber and Lyft are now doing deliveries.    

"They are out on the street, they want the fare, they can transport a person from point A to point B or they could pick up a package that you wanted and deliver it to you," Rosa said.  "They are already out there and they are already providing transportation services."  

It still means more traffic on the roadways making deliveries, as these services try to get their product out on time.