Crescent City ranks high for Baby Boomers in new study

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Tom Perumean reporting...

New Orleans is in some pretty good company when it comes to ranking the best place to live for Baby Boomers.  

According to the Crescent City beat out Las Vegas and two popular Florida cities to rank fifth on the list of the top cities for boomers.  

The study graded on how well cities met the needs of boomers (ages 55-74).  Study criteria took into account the number of boomers living in the area, tax-friendliness for retiring boomers and the availability of health care.  The number of boomer already living in the area also factored in the ranking.  

Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Miami and Cleveland finished ahead of New Orleans.  Dallas, Houston, Phoenix were listed among the worst for boomers.  

The study was based on information culled from the Census Bureau, the National Association of Realtors, Glassdoor, Kiplinger and Healthgrades, as well as’s internal data.