NOPD: Don't take the bait from outside agitators at protests


The NOPD today took a strong stance against anyone who wants to turn protests in New Orleans violent or destructive.

Police Chief Shaun Ferguson said they have received evidence that "outside agitators" may be coming to New Orleans amid protests following the death of George Floyd in police custody on Minnesota.

The chief said they have received information that there are individuals from other communities possibly coming here to "create chaos, create nonsense, create a disruption that would destroy our city."

Ferguson said clearly, "That will not be tolerated.  We will not accept that."

He also urged locals who have been peacefully protesting to keep doing so, without outsiders luring them into committing criminal acts.

"Don't take the bait!" the chief insisted. "We are creating an atmosphere of love, an atmosphere of welcoming throughout this city."

Ferguson said more protests are planned this week, and more peaceful demonstrations are welcome.  Violence, however, is not.

"We have lost too many lives already... and we will not tolerate any more."