Northshore only part of state with coronavirus case growth, report finds


The non-partisan Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana has been examining COVID-19 data among the state’s nine different Louisiana Department of Health regions.  

PAR Louisiana President Robert Travis Scott says the past two weeks of data show the state as a whole appears to have plateaued metrics, but LDH region nine, which includes St. Tammany, Washington, Tangipahoa, Livingston and St. Helena parishes, continues to see new cases growth.

“You can look in at a lot of the different regions and see that it is either a plateau or decreasing trendlines in every region of the state, except for the Northshore where the past two weeks, we’ve seen an increase,” said Scott.

PAR's metrics include reports of COVID-like symptoms, new positive cases, hospitalizations and testing.

Scott said showing the data leads to public confidence and restored hope in combatting the virus.

“You set understandable criteria and you are transparent about it, our leaders can establish a clear link between what citizens actions are and the health and economic outcome,” said Scott.

And having the data presented in plain language, Scott said, helps citizens set expectations of what the Governor may do in the next phase.

“I think this gives you a preview of the kind of figures that his department is going to be giving him and what kind of decision he might make,” said Scott.

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